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Call us now on 0113 827 2121

Xbox 360 Repairs Leeds

The extremely popular console, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, is still a favourite with many gamers and although with the birth of its big brother, the Xbox One, we still find a lot of people out there still love this one.  Unfortunately like all items, they do break down from time to time and they require repairing.  Our technicians have over 10 years experience and with our free diagnosis services we will confirm the issue with you and advise what we can do and give you a quote.  We use only genuine parts and these come with a 12-month warranty. Please see the diagram and list below of issues which we have come across with the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 Repairs

How long do Xbox 360 Repairs take?

We hold in stock all parts to repair your Xbox 360 console. All repairs are done within 24 hours of receiving them.

Needing to get your Console fixed but unable to get into our shop?  Why not use our free collection and delivery service around Yorkshire.  Please take a look at our Collection and Delivery page for further details, or contact us on 0113 827 2121.

We offer a free diagnostic service!

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Xbox 360 Repair

Xbox 360 Repairs

(1) – No Response from Touch Button TBC Would need to diagnose
(2/1) – Not Ejecting / Jammed Tray £40 Tray / Disc Drive Issue
(2/2) – Severely Damaged DVD Drive £60 Replacement DVD Drive
(2/3) – Not Reading Discs £40 Replacement DVD Laser
(3) – Not Switching On TBC Would need to diagnose
(4) -No Display £50 Replacement HDMI Socket
(5) – No Internet via Cable £50 to Replace Ethernet Socket
(6) – Faulty USB Sockets £40 Replacement USB socket
(7) – No Power £50 Replacement Power socket
(7/1) – RROD Prevention £30 RROD Prevention Service
Xbox 360 Repairs
  • Xbox Service Prevent RROD (Red Ring of Death)

    Games that are been designed these days are a lot more graphic intensive and requires the graphics chip to work harder than before. Making the graphics chip display more complex graphics causes the chip to generate a lot more heat than normal. To remove the heat from the chip the console relies on good air flow around the console and clean fan vents. However the most important is the thermal paste that needs to be working correctly. Over age the thermal paste can dry up and not work as a good heat remover. This then in turn can cause the console to fail. To prevent that have your console booked in for a full service to prolong the life of your console.
  • Not Reading Discs

    This is another common issues on the Xbox. If your console keeps coming up saying ‘Open Tray’ and not playing games it will need the laser, that reads the discs, to be replaced. After years of play they do tend to wear away. This repair comes with a 12 month warranty.
    If you also notice your games being abnormally scratched from your Xbox your laser might have become misaligned and may need putting back into place, we can do this very quickly for you.
  • Disc Drive / Tray Issues

    This is a really common fault and we get plenty of Xbox’s with damaged trays / disc drives every week.
    The biggest cause for tray issues is impact to the Xbox. If you Xbox tray is stuck open or won’t close properly we can fix whatever the problem is. Damage inside in Xbox can be minimal or in pieces, we can repair whatever the damage.  We can also re-sync your disc drive if it has come out of line as well.
  • Overheating

    An overheating Xbox is a very common fault, especially during long hours of game play and on particularity hot days. Overheating can be the cause or symptoms of other underlining problems, for examply the fan. If your Xbox is overheating it can cause further damage to other components on the board and cause other faults such as the RROD.
  • Graphic / Sound issues

    If your Xbox has any graphic or sound issues we have the technical equipment to determine the exact fault out of many it could be. Your issue could be anything from distorted graphics, no sounds and no visuals. It’s best practice to first eliminate that the problem isn’t down to Software, TV and Cables.
  • USB and HDMI Socket Replacement

    USB and HDMI sockets regularly get damaged which can happen from an impact to the Xbox or and impact to the socket itself. We can replace these tricky components for you and they come with a 12 month warranty as well.
  • Power Issues

    We can quickly determine what’s causing the issue with having no power to your Xbox. It’s good practice to check the power socket itself and the power pack to make sure they are fully working. If they are then this would mean that a thorough diagnostic into the hardware and software to determine the fault and get it resolved as quickly as possible for example, it could be the RF board.
  • Hard Drives

    We can upgrade the size of your Xbox 360 Hard Drive and determine if your hard drive is causing any faults with your Xbox.