Call us now on 0113 827 2121

Call us now on 0113 827 2121

Retro & Vintage Arcade Console Repairs

Like most people our Technicians enjoy the odd game now and then.  But unlike most people our guys took it one step further. If you have ever called into our premises you will have seen our two prized possessions, the games cabinets, the original 30 year old one and our own new 21st century one built by ourselves with 20,000 games to choose from.  One of our technicians also has an original table top at home.

Retro Consoles

As you can imagine our Technicians, who have over 10 years experience, are always pleased when we are asked to look at Retro Consoles and they are always happy to help with any questions or issues that arise.  Initial diagnosis is free and our Technicians will take their time to explain the issues and discuss how we can resolve this for you.   So if you do have any questions or queries please call our Technicians on 0113 827 2121.

Or if you are passing our office and you fancy a game or two, call in, we are always happy to see you.


Repairs on Cabinets would include:

  • Power Issues
  • Display Issues
  • Sound Issues
  • Controller Issues
  • Coin-Op Issues
  • Games Board Issues

As you can imagine these cabinets do weigh quite a lot. Because of this we DO NOT offer a collection and delivery service for these. You would need to arrange to have the unit delivered to us and collected when the repair is completed.

Repairs on Retro / Vintage Consoles Include:

  • Keyboard Issues
  • Display Issues
  • Sound Issues
  • Tape Deck Issues (where applicable)
  • Joystick Issues
  • Power Issues

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Due to the nature and age of these Retro Consoles we cannot list a standard set of prices to repair these consoles, but as always our technicians will contact you with a quotation before any work is carried out on them.